Taking care of a piano can be difficult because of the fact that they need to be cleaned properly, kept in tune and must be protected from damage. This is hard enough when the piano is in your home, but when you need to have it stored it is almost impossible. Most storage facilities don’t offer the right environment for piano storage in Brooklyn, but we are the exception. Pianoland has a storage facility which is set up specifically for this type of storage. We’ll pick up your piano, deliver it to the storage area and take necessary steps to keep it safe.

Pianos can be damaged when they are exposed to temperatures that are too high or too low. Humidity is another concern for pianos because it can cause the wood to warp and the piano to go out of tune. This is why our piano storage in Brooklyn is in a temperature and humidity controlled facility. This is just the first step in what we do to keep your piano safe until you’re ready to have it moved back into your home.

Piano Storage Brooklyn | Safety is Essential

A proper piano storage facility will take all types of hazards to the piano into account to ensure your piano is safe. Here at Pianoland we’ve done just that. The environmental controls keep the piano from getting to hot or cold as well as keeping the humidity low. We also have the area cleaned regularly to keep any dust away from the piano. Each piano is also wrapped in special materials which prevent any accidental bumps from occurring as well as adding an added layer of protection.

When we bring a new piano into the storage facility we always leave plenty of room between the edges of each piano so they aren’t close to touching. This prevents nicks and scratches from occurring when the piano is moved. We also keep the pianos away from any walls to ensure it is safe. All heat and water sources within the facility are located away from the pianos too. Everything about the facility is designed for piano storage in Brooklyn which is why we offer the safest storage options in the area.

Piano Storage Brooklyn | Licensed and Insured

Our facility is licensed and insured so if anything does happen to your piano, it is completely covered. Of course, we always do everything in our power to ensure every piano we store is kept as safe as possible. Piano storage in Brooklyn is an important task and we’ll always work hard to meet the needs of our customers. This starts from the moment we take your call and continues until the piano is returned to you in perfect condition. We can use our special piano moving truck to pick up and transport your piano from your home or other area to our storage facility.

This helps keep the piano safe every step of the way. When you’re finished with piano storage in Brooklyn we can deliver it back to your home and even provide tuning to ensure it plays properly again. We love pianos and want to keep yours as safe as possible when it is in our care.