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Pianoland has been helping people with all their piano needs in the Brooklyn area since the year 2000. We offer a variety of great services for those who currently own pianos or people who would like to have one. Our company is founded and run by people who are passionate about pianos and we want to help you to keep yours in the best condition possible. No matter what type of service you require, we will be there to help you every step of the way.

One of our most popular services is piano moving in Brooklyn. Moving a piano is a complex and difficult task. Many people make the mistake of trying to have their regular moving company relocate the piano, and this typically doesn’t end well. Pianos are surprisingly heavy, awkward to move and very fragile. They require specialized equipment in order to be moved safely. Pianoland has all the right tools and equipment necessary to move any type of piano for our customers.

Piano Rental Brooklyn | Rental & Storage Services

If you want to try a piano out in your home without having to pay thousands of dollars to purchase one than piano rental in Brooklyn might be right for you. At Pianoland our rental services start at less than a dollar per day and you can keep it as long as you’d like. This is a great way for families with children who are just starting out playing the piano to make sure it is something they will stick with. It is also a great option for short term rentals for parties and other events where a piano will make it perfect.

If you’re moving and don’t have room for your piano at the moment than you’ll want to take advantage of our piano storage in Brooklyn. Our storage facility is climate controlled and kept clean and dust-free. We will wrap your piano in protective material to ensure nothing happens to it while it is in our care. Our storage facility is also insured so if there is ever a problem you’ll be reimbursed for the damages, though this is extremely rare.

Piano Tuning Brooklyn | Tuning & Moving Services

When people have their piano moved it often gets a little bit out of tune. Anyone who has our piano movers in Brooklyn move their piano will want to consider having it tuned as well. Of course, piano tuning in Brooklyn is a great service which should be used on a regular basis even if you’re not moving. We have expert tuners on staff and ready to help tune any type of piano for any reason. Having a properly tuned instrument is very important whether you are just starting to learn to play or you’re an experienced expert.

Pianoland is the leading company when it comes to all things related to pianos. Whatever services you’re looking for, we’ll do our best to meet and exceed your expectations. Call us any time to discuss your specific needs or to set up an appointment.

Our customer service professionals can be reached by dialing 1-866-PIANO-90.